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Waterwolf availability

Here is Markus from Waterwolf. Great to meet the electric surfboard community here on the E-Surfer Forum.

I see a lot of questions and comments about availability, pre-order and shipping dates.

We at Waterwolf are shipping since 2016. If you order today at:


you will get the 2018 models in April / May 2018

Older models are available even sooner.

Get ready for 2018!


Hello Markus,

This is great news that your boards are indeed ready to buy and not just announced like many others.

One question:

It looks like most boards are using a jet engine, but you are using a propeller.

What are the advantages / disadvanted of your propeller solution? Is the propeller a risk factor for riders and swimmers?

Thanks for you help!


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Hi Antony ,

that ´s a good question and many many people have asked me that in the last 5 years.

The big difference between a jet and a propeller drive unit is the way the board turns in the water.
My main intention was since the beginning in 2010 to get a “real surf feeling” also in flat waters.

With a jet you can go much faster but with a propeller drive unit you can make narrower turns without a rope or foot straps e.g. and you feel completely free on the board. The feeling is completely different.

And one important thing is a prop-drive is much more efficient than a jet drive. That means you will need less battery power that means less weight or more runtime.

Other big advantage is you can surf in small waves or even in choppy water without a big stall which happens by jet drive systems and a prop drive is much quieter.

One little disadvantage is the rotating prop, that´s right. Because of this we have constructed a protection ring and wings to minimize the injury risk. This ring takes a little bit of the performance of the board but it´s still sufficient enough.

If you fall from a jet-boards this board move on very fast 15-25m until they stop. (The waterwolf MPX-3 stops in between 2-5meters) In combination with their big sharp fins they are more or even equal dangerous for swimmers then a prop-drive board. The waterwolf has no fins because the motor unit stabilize the board perfect.)
by the way: MPX stands for Motorized Propeller Dive unit

Summarized I can say:

Both categories of board have strengths and shoals.
For racing the jetboards are better suitable and for surfing waterwolf is more suitable!

Best Markus


I am a Waterwolf user since last year and can completely confirm what Markus is writing. I had the opportunity to ride some jetboards as well.

If you are just looking for power and speed a jetboard might be better for you. But for the real surf feeling I can absolutely recommend the Waterwolf.

It is silent, smooth, hands-free and a lot of fun.



Hi Guys

I am a huge fan of the Waterwolf and an even bigger fan of Markus. In the days when everyone was putting out fake and misleading specifications on the internet and virtually every electric board I bought and tried seemed to be a bit of a let down in some way I found that both the Waterwolf and Markus just had a very simple, honest, sincere and humble approach.

With the Waterwolf you get what you expect and it does what it says on the box. The boards are really well manufactured and I believe they are value for money. The feeling is different and its more of a surfboard and will possibly appeal to the surfers and purest. Its a fun board to ride and the feeling of that instant power on take off is great.

I love the simple and honest design of the Waterwolf. Its not overly powerful or fast in comparison to some boards and you wont exactly be carving up the water with small, sharp turns but its definitely a good all rounder. Its a board you can carry yourself without any help and its pretty basic and maintenance free.

Another important factor that swings me in favour of the Waterwolf and that is Markus himself. He such a nice, honest, passionate builder and rider. He rides and loves the boards he builds and and his skills in the water clearly show how much time he spends riding.

The Waterwolf is a great seller for us and I believe it will always have its place on the market.