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Waterwolf MPX-3 Review

We tested the 2016 model of the Waterwolf. Have a look at:

It’s a great board and gives a true surfer feeling. Here is a full video we did with Andreas and Markus


I am little bit afraid of the propeller. Is it safe?

I was concerned first too… However it has a ring around it and a kill switch, If you fall the prop will stop. Markus said it passed all strict Germany safety tests.

If it passes the the German certification it should be safe :wink:

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Here is what Markus (CEO & Founder Waterwolf) is writing about the propeller:

I would fully agree with his statement. I ride the Waterwolf since last year.


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The following video gives you a good feeling about the smooth ride …

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I would guess the propeller would be also be more silent compared to a Jetboard?

Can someone confirm who has seen / heard both versions in action?


Any electric board is silent comparing to petrol.

I have seen a few boards live. @Jetsurfingnation is right.

If you stay with electric only I can confirm that the Waterwolf is more silent than the electric jetboards I have seen so far.

The larger propeller doesn’t need as much rotation (rpm) as a jet.

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