Wavejet Parts Wanted

Hi All, Does any one know where I could buy parts for my wavejet pod. Im after two impeller shafts and Impeller housings. I would be interested in buying old pods for spare parts. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t waste your time with it, this product (i tried back in 2015) is completely useless, extremely heavy, does not give any propulsion and breaks after couple of uses. You can try more modern Boost fin if you are looking for a small boost for regular surfing. cheers

Thanks Jetsurfingnation. I have had my wavejet for 6 years and am happy with its performance. I would like to keep it going as long as I can get parts as my grand kids also use it. I have maintained it during that time and can pull apart and put back together with no issues. So long as I can get parts I will keep it going. I have tried the boost fin and the wave jet out performs it by far.