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Waveshark - Jetboard and efoil

Silvano found a new website promising jetboard and efoil.

They have efoil as well:

Good points

  1. Honestly listed weight. This is first time i ever see electric jetboard honestly listing their weight without trying to mislead people. They listed Weight:
    44kg(battery included)
  2. The board looks great
    This a rare real foto i could find from video

What are your thoughts?

These are the products of powervision, pretty cool

I also reached Sherry from Waveshark to ask those questions directly to avoid speculation.

I also saw privately close shots the quality looks good. I look forward to test it in future

They reached out to me for an article on e-surfer, but am getting a little bit hesitant to write about each announcement given the amount of products which never made it to market. It creates a lot of noise and then the products are never available to purchase. Not saying this is the case here, but I asked them to send a product for review. So far no response.