Waydoo Flyer One Plus, any experience?

Hi everybody,

I have seen the new Waydoo Flyer One Plus on the BOOT 2023 in Düsseldorf and had a long talk to Agnes (the blonde girl from their videos), and I am very impressed by the possibility to convert the mast into an electric outboard engine for an inflatable dinghi, as I own a motorboat with an inflatable swimplatform, and always carry my Torqueedo-engine with me to go for a walk with our dog while we are on anchor.

Also I liked the EPP-Design, so the board / boat-compatibility is much better than with my current Lift Cruser V2 made from carbon, so you would not worry about a small collision with the boat hull on handling the board…

Unfortunately I read a lot about the starting problems with the Waydoo Flyer One, but Agnes told me that they redesigned all the problematic parts from the first model, and that there would be no more problems…

Of course any new company has had problems in the beginning, I already disovered a dead battery on my Lift and a bend mast on my first Takuma, does anyone already own the new Waydoo-Model?

I heard last generation solved most of the early issues, i hope it’s now fine. they also offer a folding prop which is great

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Thanks Mike for the fast reply… :wink:

What about making a new testing video? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We already tested new Waydoo…

This is the new model and folding prop:

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if you are from germany or Austria best is you check if you can test it at local dealer in your area… Some have fliteboard or liftfoil as well so you can even compare them alltogether. Generally customers tell that it`s easier to learn efoiling on a waydoo and that the modular system is much more comfortable and more durable but highspeed and endurance is not as high as on the expensive Fliteboard… So basically it’s a good idea to test it yourself and see what you prefer :wink:
check → Waydoo Test Centres

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I bought a board from a Waydoo dealer recently (June last year) and it almost killed me, there was a fault with the trigger straight out of the factory and the board took off after I fell off it. It almost killed me swimming after it for 30 minutes followed by a 20 minute swim back to shore when I realised I would never catch up to it.
At the time I just thought there was a weird current or wind taking the board away from me (I was new to e-Foiling and didn’t consider it was still under power).
I bought another board in September with the last of my savings and put it in the water and the same issue happened (this time wearing a leg rope). This made me realise the remote was the problem and the board was never fully de-powering.
After In self diagnosed and fixed that issue I enjoyed using the Waydoo (always with a leg rope), but I have been plagued with quality issues, the prop blade snapped off for no reason, the remote stopped working, the battery stopped charging, the board takes on heaps of water now…
The ride time is a bit disappointing too, the advertised 90 minutes is not true, even if you cruise around on gear 9 and take straight lines without any cornering you will still only get a max of 60 minutes (I’m 78Kg so pretty standard weight, using the new prop but not the folding prop).
Waydoo have been pretty negligent in their response to the remote failure, I have tried to put a warranty claim in but they only offered to replace the remote not the lost board… They have been ignoring emails from consumer affairs now and I have to go to the consumer tribunal to get a resolution now… Has been a pretty bad experience overall…

Hi Scrappy,

you already posted that story on Facebook I think.

I dont understand how the board can get away when it looses its Bluetooth-signal, and as far as I remember the other users on facebook also did not understand it at all, it sounded a little strange.
Especially when you seem to be the only Waydoo-Owner that manages to get the same problem twice on both boards, when no other owner discovered these problem once…

And what do you mean by “Self diagnosed and fixed the problem”, please let us know what was wrong, and how you fixed it?

Their starting model (Flyer One from Kickstarter) had a lot of issues, but these were completely solved under warranty, and the actual Flyer One Plus is significant better, so I am wondering why you dont contact your dealer, who should get along with Waydoo as you bought it from him…