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Waydoo Flyer One Unboxing

Nice Waydoo unboxing video from Latvia. I am wondering if the connection of the mast to the board with only 2 screws would be too weak over time. Does not look very stable in the video. It will be interesting to see more feedback from users over the coming months now that they are shipping.


Andreas, no the mast is not connected by those screws…that is a misunderstanding… Those are just 2 screws to secure it. The mast is sliding into a conical fitting into the alloy frame of the board. So that is super stiff. And it is only secured by 2 small M6 screws but there is no force on those screws :+1:

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Thank you for explanation. It’s good to see the developers take time to help and reply on forum

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yes, but we are quite busy with orders& production, so we are not able to answer all the media instantly…But as soon as the product will spread, more &more shops will be available for that too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the updates!