Waydoo SUBNADO diving scooter

Looks like Waydoo wants to establish a Scubajet alternative:

The Waydoo SUBNADO is so portable and compact that you can maneuver it with only one hand or… with only one wrist! You don’t have to hold its handle tight all the time. Using its strap, you can attach SUBNADO to your wrist and free your hands for more.

Sounds familiar :wink:

They are planning to launch this at Kickstarter soon. Look at the specs:

It shall be offered for one third of the price compared to the Scubajet Neo. The battery is build in, so it cannot be replaced.

  • 45 minutes run time
  • 99Wh built-in battery (airline approved)
  • max speed 1.4 m/s (about 5 km/h)
  • 3 speed levels
  • weight 1.4 kg
  • max depth 60 m

Waydoo SUBNADO diving scooter

Encased in an aluminum alloy body, the SUBNADO has been designed to provide you with a smooth underwater propulsion system that’s easy to maneuver and navigate while underwater, claims Waydoo.

So far no mentioning of a SUP adapter, but this should be just a question of time I guess.

Hopefully this will become not another Waydoo Kickstarter disaster …

Yes looks like exact copy of scubajet in specs and shape but third the price… The truth is they need two of those units to get any decent speed underwater like shown on your video above, not 1 unit… Also the battery life is 10-15 min full speed underwater not 45-50 min as claimed. 50 min is for SUP adapter which scubajet has.


Have you seen one yet?

Not yet. I guess there are only preproduction units yet.

They will not be available in Europe before Spring/Summer…

Waydoo is launching new product that we just tested!

SUBNADO - Unboxing & Testing | World’s lightest, smallest underwater scooter

Waydoo Subnado is an ultra-compact yet extremely robust underwater scooter that has a smooth, powerful propulsion system and user-friendly design. This innovative underwater system bridges the gap between expensive and difficult to control models and ineffective entry-level models. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, with Subnado, you can explore underwater like never before.

Thanks a lot for sharing! It seems you liked it?

It seems fine, reminds me of scubajet but it’s basic and without expensive features and much lighter also! Their goal was to make it less expensive

There seems to be a big difference in thrust with Subnado claiming 6.5kg of thrust and Subajet claiming 20kg (although I find it hard to believe they are getting 20kg out of a 1kw motor). Was that you experience that the scuba jet was more powerful??

Cheers, Chris

To be honest they feel same to me but i did not measure in numbers. The top speeds they both claim on websites are almost same as well. My old scubajet sank in the lake so i cant compare them side by side

We did test both below SUP board and found not to much difference… GPS measures speed difference was less than 1km/h. All subject to weight, board a.s.o. :wink: