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Welcome to the eSurfboard forum from E-Surfer

Hello electric surfboard users all over the world! After starting the E-Surfer eSurfboard blog early 2017, several E-Surfer Facebook pages and groups for eFoil, Jetboard and E-SUP users, we saw a need for a forum. A blog is great for detailed information and reviews, but it is not interactive. A Facebook group is interactive and easy to join, but very unstructured. Many times the same questions around eFoils and Jetboards gets asked again and again. This is why we started the electric surfboard forum. Everyone can participate and the feedback will be structured. Please exchange your experience with battery power, speed and other specs in real live scenarios. And ask questions to get help from our community and the manufacturers which we do encourage to actively participate here. Please read our privacy policy.

Great idea!

Thia will be very helpful for this new sport.

Great work Andreas!

I hope the sport will grow big next years and I am happy to be a part of it!

You are doing amazing job in helping the community grow!


Thanks, guys! Great that you are joining :rofl: