What do you dream about?

Hi, I’m a builder from Germany which likes to hear user feedback.

We are specialized in carbon products, CNC laser cuts, and 3d printing.
We are currently discussing some options for entering the market of foils and e-foils. From surfers to surfers we share a passion for water and adrenaline sports.

Here are my questions.
- What is missing from the current market?
- What would you love to buy and use?
- what is stopping to buy something existing?

p.s. there is no wrong or bad answers, we really wish to hear your idea and maybe make it real :slight_smile:

Afterward, we will build a team of testers btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a great day everyone, Cheers.

While many manufacturers are looking to provide “up to 3 hours” of riding time as their goal and produce a heavy 35-45kg boards, as a foiler I am always looking for the lightest possible setup. So far the lightest setup with foildrive I could make is 13kg. The less weight, the better! But that is just my opinion for wave riding. I understand that on the flat lake my setup will not work.

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I agree. As light as possible, but at the same time as robust as possible.