What efoil setup should I buy

Want to surprise my husband with an efoil for his 50th. He’s a great (advanced) foiler behind our wakeboat on the lake. I have no idea if this is the right setup and see all sales final! Would love some input please!! He will be primary user but would be great to have something family and friends can also use occasionally.

He’s right at 6ft and 200 lbs.

Board Size: 4’9" Sport
Front Wing: 200 Surf v2
Back Wing: 36 Glide
Carbon Fiber Mast: 28"
Propulsion System: Lift Jet
Battery Charger: US
Battery: Full Range Battery

Thanks all!!

I think this board will work for your husband, but maybe not so much for family and friends (if beginners or heavy). Here is a guide which should help you: https://e-surfer.com/en/comparison/efoil/


Yep, that should work fine, however I have a concern that if your husband is so competent @ foiling then, he may find efoiling boring very quickly unless he is interested in ocean wave surfing? If the model you choose is useable for the extended family, (eg Fliteboard or Fliteboard Air) I doubt it will be challenging enough for your partner. It’s a big investment after all good luck. Ps I have owned a Fliteboard for 3 years.

I would recommend the 32" mast to get that extra bit height as I can imagine him wanting to try and ride the wake unpowered.
Just in general for an experienced (e)foiler that extra 4" length is nice to have.

I’d also recommend to choose a Camber Pro 210 or 160 over the Surf v2

The Lift Jet is safer to ride but thrust and ride time is better with a prop. The Lift Connect System with a prop + guard and folding prop could be a good combination


I am on the search as well.

Did you buy the board? Are you happy with it?