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Which direction the industry will go? Electric foil?

Lets start discussion on where the industry is going the next 2-3 years?

Will there be tons of electric foils dominating the markets or it’s just a novelty that will quickly pass?

From my point of view, the foil should be an option to the jet board so it can be taken off and used without foil, not a “ONE THING” that many efoil developers are doing now.

I see radinn and jetsurf are planning detachable foils and that might be the right direction. However it might be a challenge and a bad idea as well, as a perfect e-foil board is lightweight and optimised specifically for foiling, so it cant be used as a regular jet board, which is too heavy to “Fly”…

Share your opinions

Good question. I am curious how others are thinking.

My view is:

I think it will be challenging to develop a hybrid for the reasons you mentioned below (weight, connection, propulsion, etc.). But if somebody can figure it out, that would be ideal.

I think hydrofoiling and surfing are almost 2 different things. One is very relaxed cruising and the other one (surfing) are active moves and carving. Both is fun.

I would almost compare it with my electric skateboards.

I have the and the

The Onewheel is like flying over the ground (like foiling) and the Evolve is about power and moves. I don’t want to miss any of them :wink:

Great point! Do you guys think efoil is harder to learn and keep balance?

I think they are actually working on self-balancing eFoils. Like a Segway or Onewheel.

This would make it much easier.


That is brilliant. I hope it’s true. Can you invite other efoil makers to the forum to confirm it?

All of them know the forum. Nobody is shipping yet and they don’t want to release too much infos (and share with competition) before they can launch immediately :wink:

Don’t forget the forum ist just 5 days old. All manufacturers have promised to participate and support the community here.


Nothing of the kind promised E-Surfer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would say foiling is harder than surfing, very steep learning curve but once you learn it, it’s a whole new experience!