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Which electric surfboard should I choose?

There are now quite a few choices. Can somebody make a recommendation?


I think this depends on different factors:

  • What is your weight?

  • Where do you want to ride (wind, waves, etc.)?

  • Are you looking for a leisure board or you are an adrenalin junkie?

  • Do need to transport your board (e.g. in a car) or do you live at the water / on a boat?

  • And of course, what is your budget?

With this information it would be easier to give guidance …


Hi Mats

Sammy actually gave a great answer. I will add a few things though.

There may appear to be so many new electric jetboards on the market but not everything is what manufacturers want you to believe. Right now today you can only buy the eSurf/Easy Surf, Onean Carver and the Waterwolf.

The rest of the boards are either old and discontinued stock or still in production and not on the market. Lampuga, Radinn and Curf Surf don’t actually have boards available yet.

I will also say that you should never base your choice on promotional videos as the boards are very rarely as fast and nice as they appear on the video. Be careful what the manufacturers say on the websites because most of them lie about top speed, battery run time, battery charging time and weight of the board.

In an Ideal world you should never buy a board without trying it and this is why we offer a try before you buy and an all day, all board testing and riding package. None of these packages are cheap but paying 10,000 to 20,000 for a board that isn’t even a fraction of what you thought it was is not cheap either.

Do lots of homework before buying a board. Another big factor to bear in mind is after sales service, support and backup. Don’t be fooled into believing that electric is maintenance free. It should be but these boards are still new and cutting edge technology and I have one of every board available and unfortunately up until now I cannot claim that Ive got one single board without its problems and issues.

Dont get me wrong they are great fun and still worth having but make sure you buy from the right dealer that has a good reputation for looking after customers. I would always advise against buying directly from a factory because they are generally not equipped or capable of giving the backup and support service that you would expect after spending this amount of money on a board.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime you want for free, honest and unbiased advice. I sell all the makes and models so I have no reason to lie and I will always give you the straight and hard facts.


Thank you guys, this is very helpful.

I am 85 kg and will ride on lakes (not much wind & waves). I have wakeboard and windsurf experience , so no beginner, but I am also not the youngest. (moderate adrenalin ;-))

Yes, I need to transport by car and the budget I was thinking about is around 10.000 - 12.000 EUR.

Hi Mats
we could recommend you our CURF - please have a look on our webpage or contact us directly by phone for further details. Phone +49 2151 5690363.

Hi Mats …

… Wait for my Amberjet e-foil. It will be in a month. It will also be in the DIY version
He will be at

eFun & Amberjet,

Thanks for jumping in, but I would suggest that you add some data points why your board would be the right one for Mats :wink:


Hi Admin and Mats

My board will certainly fit into his 12,000 Euro budget.
ESC is in the water. I do not have a cooling pump. There is no risk of damage to the pump or lack of water flow. My ESC is powered by a sine wave. This means very quiet work. Saving energy. And a few other details. I will describe everything here soon.

hi Mats.

For the lake find out if petrol boards are allowed or electric only before you start choosing.

  1. As Wayne wrote don’t think that electrical are more reliable. From my experience they break even more often (smaller things like broken remote control make it unusable)

  2. Try “All boards” package that he suggested so you can compare boards and pick the ones that you like. I made mistake ordering by promotional videos and the boards were not as fast as I expected. Only after testing all the boards with Wayne I could understand the difference.

  3. If petrol is not allowed then of course pick electric one but again make sure you test them first. You are pretty heavy *85kg (same as me) so most boards will be too slow for you. You have to pick the most powerful ones or else you will be very disappointed with the speeds.
    P.S. is not working … What parameters is your board ?

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Dear Mats,

Sammy and JetBoardLimited gave you very good advice!

For your needs we can especially recommend you our inflatable Lampuga Air as it fits perfectly in the trunk of your car, at least if it is big enough for at least two boxes of beer :wink:
The Air is designed very family-conscious and since you can not drive anywhere on rivers, a speed of up to 50 km/h at 15 hp is completely sufficient to enjoy great driving pleasure.

Hopefully we could help you and feel free to contact us via [email protected] if you need more information.

Well, this was not nice. Is there anything bad about 85 kg or even more? Do you suggest this sport is only for light weight people?

Than good luck to find customers @efun

Sorry, we misunderstood each other. 85 kg of course is not too much! But the most e-jetboards don’t carry people with that weight. Fortunately the CURF does! It does’t not only push you up to a speed of 61 km/h, CURF even pushes two persons whether they are on the board or pulled behind by wakeboard or waterring. Incorporating a 16 kW engine, riders are propelled forward with a thrust of 90kg and a max weight of 140kg.


Im also 85kg so im looking forward to test curf in the water soon with some towing :slight_smile: I hope it can tow the foil as well!

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85 kg is a normal weight. Each manufacturer should test the boards with riders of this weight or even higher.

Let’s be realistic. Who can afford these boards? Not the 70 kg students :wink:


Be sure - you will :blush:

I get a lot of personal messages in order make recommendations.

In order to not need to ask the same questions again and again I created a web form:

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Great idea the buying guide!

I would add some tips here too