Which one do you prefer and why - audi e-tron foil or fliteboard

Hello guys, two weeks ago I had the chance to make my first adventure with an e-foil. and what shall I say - I am very happy that I was on (and in :slight_smile: ) the water with an e-foil. Since the 90s I am a big fan of snowboard, in my earlier days I was quite often on my skateboard and also joined it very much.

Now I decided to buy an e-foil. I think I will chose between fliteboard and audi e-tron foil. That I have little experience I hope that the forum can help me. Which one do you prefer and why? Which one of these both would you take? are there pros and cons? I would be happy if you share your opinions.

I also saw that video of the Awake Vinga. This also might an option for me - but I think there are not many in the market and so not much experience of the users can be shared.

best regards and thank you in advance for your statements!


Both Fliteboard and Audi are great boards. You should visit a reseller such like E-Surfer in Berlin where you can try different eFoil brands such as Audi, Fliteboard and others such like Awake Vinga.

Describing all the differences would be not only time consuming, but also always end with claims that the feedback would be biased. Try yourself and find the best option for you. That’s the best advise I can give you.

Thank you for your answer Andreas. You are complete right. That is what I should do and will do. And I understand completely that you as a reseller of both brands has to be neutral.

But I think it would be interesting to hear other opinions of people why they decided to take a fliteboard or the Audi option. I would like to hear different opinions.

I bought a carbon fiber 4’9” Lift efoil with the 200 surf front wing and the 38 tail wing. I absolutely love it but I also have not risen a flight or Audi. Just saying I wouldn’t exclude lift as an option. I’m 180 and can ride it for about an hour and half around the lakes in Oregon and when I take to Maui. Aloha efoil is where I took my first lesson. I bought after that.

Hello! After I tested both boards in one session last weekend i came to the result that the fliteboard is my choice. I rode a fliteboard pro and an audi perfomance. And I felt better on the fliteboard. I cannot easyly explain but I felt like I was more flexible on it. What I think is better according to the product of Audi is that the mast is higher und I could really feel it. I think you can compare it to the cars: Is a Mercedes or a BMW better? If you ask more people you would get different answers.

Here is a detailed comparison we did with Andreas this summer: