Which wings do you recommend?

Hello everybody,
I have a fliteboard pro with following wings: Cruiser 1.100 and Flyer 800. What do you think which third one would make sense to have? My profile: I use the fliteboard in rivers here in Germany and on holiday like Italy, France in the sea or in lakes like Lago di Garda.
I am looking forward to your recommendations.
Best regards

I tested the cruiser Jet1500 and liked it. Nice wing and really good allrounder. However the rental guy told me the Flow 1100 would be his favourite… So I try to get this Flow 1100 wing because I just bought the new sifly.tech Rider Eco and Fliteboard wings fit there as well. (it is only 4999€+tax and great quality but wings are designed for beginner/intermdiate and I want to push it further…)
So if anyone has ridden Flow 1100 and maybe as well the 800 wings could give us further feedback I think it would help us both. And is there any shop that gives a discount on wings?

I have the pro board too and did opt for two wings that where the farthest apart. The Flyer 800, as yourself, and Flow S 1300. Two completely different riding styles that I like to switch between. Flyer 800 and Flow 1100 is another option. But then the gap between the two wings are smaller. Still different but not so wide apart as Flyer and Flow S. I heard great things regarding Cruiser Jet 1500. But makes less sense to me when I have the Flyer 800.

I have chosen and will test the Flow S 900 because I want to have good responsive. I know the stabilty compared to the e.g. Flow S 1.300 is not so good - but I look also and always for challenge in sports!

Great. Looking forward to some feedback what you think.

For sure. On the weekend I start to Croatia and there I will have enough time to test. :slight_smile:

Lucky you being able to surf the beautiful waters in Croatia. I am at the Baltic Sea in Sweden. Still beautiful but colder & very choppy.

By the way. This is a great overview of all the wings. Search “Flite eFoil Front Wing Review” on Youtube. They are testing the Flow S 900.

Hi all, today I had my first time on the Flow S 900. It is so good and fun to use this wing. It reminds me to stand on the snowboard. It is so fantastic to make curves with this wing. I do not know the English word what I am looking for but in German we say „drehfreudig“. Although I had only one session with this wing it is my favorite one of the three I have.