Who has the better efoil motor/propulsion system?

Hello all,

I have been looking into getting an efoil.

I see pros and cons to both of the leaders in the industry, Lift and Fliteboard.

One thing I’ve not yet come to the conclusion on is who has the better, longer lasting, propulsion system/motor unit? My understanding is that Lift uses no physical gears while the Flightboard propulsion system has gears. Is that correct? If so, does that make the Lift system better?

Sound of the motor, or preferably lack thereof, does also play a factor in the enjoyment of efoiling which seems to be more noticeable on the Flightboard. Any input about this from the forum members?

Thank you in advance for you input!
Regards, Matt

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I have Lift and Waydoo and ridden Fliteboards a few times.

Lift has yet to offer a periodic maintenance schedule of which I am aware. Lift will reportedly perform complimentary inspection and service if one ships the mast and motor to Puerto Rico.

Flite has a maintenance schedule and charges a fee for each service

I believe both companies offer 2-year warranties and I understand Lift is non-transferable and Flite is transferable.

Flite announced their V2.2 is quieter. I like Flite’s gear noise… It sounds like a futuristic jet. Lift is quieter than Flite

Lift offers a folding prop option for wake or wave riding
Flite offers a true glide prop option for wake or wave riding

Lift still has a data cable which is a point of vulnerability
Flite did away with their data cable with their second-gen

No maintenance on Lift other than lubrication on the connection points a couple of times a season. No issues in our 1 season with our Lift. Considering another (or another battery) and debating on trying a Flite.

I don’t care who the brand is. Anyone claiming the electric motor that is submerged in water doesn’t ever need servicing is tripping. I would rather get mine checked out on a service interval and have longevity than have to replace the motor. Also providing the gearbox it top quality I think this couple with a smaller diameter motor (less drag) is the way to go.

  • no yet and cannot be aswered to me
  • correct
  • no
  • yes but can be"boring "depending on use, bigger motor(quieter) vs smaller with high rpm and a gearbox (probably a bit more torque), both are good
    you will probably not be able to tell the difference between both with remote control, electronic control, prop…but a “no limit” geared setup is more punchy
    as a diy of a geared motor builder (like flite) and a owner of “lift” motor, both will have their pleasure and trouble, since you ask, i may suggest to get the board you like with the dealer close to you that should find the quickest answer to keep you on (above) the water :wink:

Thanks for your input!

Flite’s maintenance is only there as a safety inspection. An electric motor and battery are super simple mechanisms. If you don’t abuse it or run it aground, there’s no maintenance required - certainly not every 100 hrs.
(BTW, I am an automotive engineer)

No $175 periodic service = No warranty.

Initial 6 month/50HR (from first use) & ongoing 12 monthly/100HR service


The initial 6-month/50HR and ongoing 12 monthly/100HR (whichever comes first) service requires that your eFoil (mast), Flite Controller, and True Glide Prop (if purchased) be serviced by an [authorized service partner] (Global Locations | Ride Anywhere, Anytime | Fliteboard – Fliteboard Australia) or Fliteboard HQ.

  1. The service of the mast consists of an overall inspection and replacement of motor seals, oil, anode, and wing pad.
  2. The service of the controller is to check the overall condition and trigger mechanism.
  3. The service of the TGP is to check the overall condition, and re-grease the bearings.
  4. Please be sure to include your user manual (Series 2 onwards) in the shipment to your closest authorized partner, as this now includes the maintenance schedule which is required to be filled in.

IMPORTANT: The Fliteboard Limited Warranty may be void if your Fliteboard has missed the required service schedule.

No. Read what you copied and pasted:
it says the warranty may be void.

Fliteboard service is fantastic. I’m not worried. They are so far ahead in terms of design and engineering, with a very simple mechanism…