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Why are all boards sold out?

I checked your shop at https://shop.e-surfer.com and noticed all boards are sold out?


Yes, this is true.

Basically every vendor, no matter if electric surfboard, e-Foil, E-SUP or petrol powered jet board has currently problems to ship. A lot of delays.

Originally we thought 2018 would be the year where many manufacturers can deliver and this is why we opened the shop in partnership with @JetBoardLimited , but it turned out that it will move to the end of 2018 or even 2019.

A very few boards are available in small stock and each email to the shop will be answered within 24-48 hours.

We set however all boards on “sold out” as we don’t want to take any money and than tell you that shipping will be in a few months.

For now we handle all orders individually by email.

I know this is not what each of you want to hear, but unfortunately it’s the reality.

The industry is in its earliest stage still and not evolving as fast as we all want.

Almost each week a new board is announced but nobody is really serious on mass producing yet, either it’s a concept, a one man garage operation that can make 2 boards per year or “preorder for late 2019”.

However i am confident sooner or later the industry will reach the critical point when the producers will start delivering.

We just have to “exercise patience”…

We currently have stock of the Carver and Manta models.Please contact your resellers for further information on how to receive your units within 72h.

otherwise my Onean Carver is currently for sale.

Reason: the Carver X