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Why are these boards so expensive?

I agree, these boards look awesome, but are these just luxury toys for rich people?

Is there no way to make them cheaper?


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Haha yes, I think everyone is asking the same question. Sure there is $3500-$5000 in parts, but marking up the price to $20K is a little extreme which is the entire reason a team of us and backers of our project have been crowdfunding and crowd-designing a New Propulsion and Waterproof Remote we can all enjoy at a fraction the cost.


I think it will be a question of time, but you are right prices are still high.

I would however not compare the price with surfboard, wakeboard or kiteboarding equipment. If you compare it to a jetski you are actually in the same range.

Once the batteries are getting cheaper and volumes are increasing, prices should go down for some models and other models will compete in performance with jetskis :wink:

I dont think they will get any cheaper than 4-5k any time soon, the production is just too expensive, and the battery cost is insane. There are cheaper boards and propulsion systems but they are very slow.

Dear colleagues.
Wait for my efoil. It will be in foil version and without foil. There will be a DIY version.
Unfortunately, akku is the most expensive one.
But you can also buy without an akku

Hello Amberjet,

When will your board be available?


Hi Admin
My board or parts for self-assembly will be in the store in a month.

Your website is in polish and has no information about the board

Google Translate is not enough?
I am asking for your opinions on Google Translate

Of course not if you are serious on selling to english speaking markets… Google translate is a joke. Take your time to translate or hire a translator for $10 on

Also I could not find any info on the jetboards, i see only jet packs.


Thank you Jetsurfingnation for a valuable review. Thank you also for the link. If you think so, I will do the translation. I use only Google translator. But your opinion changed my views.
I will soon post e-foil information on the site.