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Will the jet board industry grow in 2020-2025?

Interesting to see your thoughts guys.

I had big hopes for the industry back 3 years ago when i started my channel but since then unfortunately it remains the luxury/niche sport with mostly as always Jetsurf and efoil dominating the market while all other producers fail to ship and reach the market and provide a reliable board.

What are your expectations for next 5 years?

Will the industry grow/ become mainstream like onewheel / eboards kind of stuff or it will remain a premium/luxury water toys and yaht owners expensive toy?

I don’t think it will grow mainstream and it might be good that this is the case. Imagine a crowded lake full of electric Jetboards. That would be no fun and probably dangerous as well.

I think it has potential to grow to the jetski market size, but it will still take some time …

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