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X-Surf electric surfboard from Korea

Another day another new electric surfboard. The X-Surf is designed in Korea and we requested additional specs and shipping dates.

The video shows mainly 3D renderings but also a some rides.

The X-Surf claims a maximum speed of 46 km/h and a weight of 30 kg.

30 minutes run time is claimed.

It has has small foil. Probably not for flying (the mast is too short), but probably to lift the board to get higher speeds.

More information at and very soon on

Korea is really going all in on jet board industry lately? Looks interesting and the speed is nice. The weight is little too heavy though. Ideally it must be under 25kg or less.

KMCP Yachts was showing their X-Surf at at boat show in Asia last week. The 2018 Korea international boat show in Seoul.

They are still in pre-production stage and are working on smaller issues before they enter mass production. Current plan is August 2018.

Basic specs include:​

​- Full carbon fiber shell
​- 30 kg weight (including batteries)

  • 30 min+ run time
  • 50 km/h max speed


They are also looking into an electric hydrofoil option:

The specs look very promising, especially the speed and weight and hydrofoil option. very interesting concept, i hope it goes to mass production some day on a good price.