X-Team jet motor for my first build, any advice?

Hi everyone, im good with electronics and am looking at putting a board together, ive got a stash of batteries from e-bikes I can put to good use too.
There seem to be a fair few using maytech components on their builds and lipo batteries, so cylindrical cells might not be the best option depending on the configuration, I would be using a 12S configuration like most people are using.
Now i was going to cut out the inside of a foam surfboard and install the batteries inside and attach a jet motor underneath.
I have been looking at this X-Team motor here,

im not sure if its suitable or not, I also am not sure if its motor controller is compatible with connection to a maytech remote, would need to look at their wiring.
It appears to be just a 3 phase motor, so I would probably be best to ditch the controller it comes with and to connect the motor straight into a maytech controller.
All the maytech units are propeller drive, am i best to pursue the jet design or just stick with a propeller?
Any thoughts?
I see most people are using quite short boards, more like a kneeboard or wakeboard in size, so any recommendations on board length would also be appreciated.