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YuJet electric surfboard

It seems that new electric surfboards are popping up every week.

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How about this one?

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Another one:

Do you have more info on them? I could not find any website or parameters etc. Not sure why people make a video without any info on the product

I couldn’t find anything neither. Just a website with no additional data:

You can however subscribe their newsletter.

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for YUJET by YuJet USA Inc., Upland, CA 91784.

Trademark for:

Electric surfboards; electric personal watercraft and jet skis; electric boats; electric canoes; electric catamarans

A lot of makers for some reason are lately releasing short videos with no info at all… whats the point?

I assume they hope that these videos go viral and bring them followers which they could leverage once they launch the product.

It worked for efoil / Liftfoils, but I think now it is too late.

I would prefer facts, specs and launch dates as well.

Yes, it worked for carver in 2015 as well but now we just want to touch and test the real board that is ready for sale…

YUJET surfer electric jetboard | LIVE DEMO and Interview | Ask Me Anything Show

Today in our “Ask me Anything” show we meet Chad from YUJET team to find out more about this new electric jetboard from USA.

Today in our “Ask me
Anything” show we meet Chad from YUJET team to find out more about
this new electric jetboard from USA.

00:00 Welcome Chad Knop, lets talk about YUJET surfer electric jetboard
00:25 Tell us the basic parameters of the YUJET jetboard?
00:55 Rated 40 minutes riding time?
01:25 New modular system
02:02 New models can use the modular system
02:11 Total 50 pounds weight 26 miles per hour 16 mile range
02:20 Beginner and Expert modes?
02:40 How did you get started in jetboarding in south Florida?
04:30 South Florida USA is where the company is based
05:00 International shipping?
05:15 Is it produced in USA or China?
05:50 Your main challenges creating electric jetboard?
06:51 Battery longevity?
07:20 The board is very lightweight
07:30 LIVE DEMO of the board and its features?
08:10 Lets see how you connect the battery?
09:20 Security magnet?
09:40 LIVE DEMO of the remote control and two modes?
10:20 Why is remote control so BIG?
12:00 Customization of colors is possible?
12:20 The two modes on the remote?
12:50 No footstraps used? Riding in the SURF?
14:20 The shape is like an actual surfboard?
14:50 Can you duck dive under the waves?
16:00 New shape / model is coming?
17:30 Lets see the fins and motor - LIVE DEMO
19:30 How does delivery work? How many boards you shipped?
21:10 How much to ship to EUROPE? Free shipping in US?
22:00 What is the future of the jetboard industry?
24:00 What about efoils?
25:30 We will still be here - “We are not going anywhere”
26:30 Short LIVE DEMO - sorry about low ZOOM bandwidth

Do you really believe it is from the USA? I had my original contacts with Sirena You from China. She never replied with an email signature but wrote she would be the General Manager and was introducing me the US guys as the “US distributor”.

I think it’s not a secret and we discussed during the interview that the first batch is produced in China. But yes they are based in Florida and seems like they said they ship it and service from Florida