A New Brand: Pulseer Sport eFoil

Hi eFoil enthusiasts,
We’re Pulseer Sport, and we’ve noticed some misunderstandings on this forum and we want to clarify who we are and what we stand for, and we wish to work together with both our customers and industry leaders together in the future.

Our founder, started as a kitefoiler, riding the waves with the wind’s help. But then he discovered efoiling, which was even more fun and required less effort. It gave him a unique experience that he wanted to share with others. So, he introduced the project of efoil in 2020. The following years saw intensive R&D efforts to refine the technology with the support of Inno Instrument. After a mount of development and market research, in 2022, PULSEER was launched, wish to bring this amazing adventure to everyone.

Our vision is clear: we strive to become the global brand in providing a stylish personal water sports lifestyle. Our commitment extends beyond just offering innovative products – we’re dedicated to providing global superior customer service and meeting the evolving needs of our customers. With a focus on agility and responsiveness, we aim to set the Pulseer standard for efoil solutions, empowering individuals to embrace a water sports lifestyle that’s both trendy and forward-thinking.

Pulseer prioritizes product quality above all else because we understand the importance of earning and maintaining your trust. Through rigorous quality control measures, ongoing innovation, and dedicated research and development, we’re committed to delivering products that exceed your expectations. We firmly believe and hope that by continuously improving and evolving, we can consistently provide our users with the best possible efoil experience. Your satisfaction and trust are at the core of everything we do, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that Pulseer only gets better with time.

Here at this post, we’re reaching out with open hearts to ask for your advice and hearty support. Our goal is to build a friendly and welcoming community where everyone feels valued. Let’s come together to share our passion for water sports, offer advice, and create lasting friendships. Your trust means everything to us, and we wish we could be a part of your efoil journey together!

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It is not new. There is already a topic here on the forum:

Actually for me it looks like a audi efoil? Where is it made?

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Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every detail, and we sincerely invite you to experience the difference for yourself at one of our recent exhibitions and demo displays.

Our efoil shape undergoes testing for streamlined water performance, ensuring optimal efficiency. We are under support by INNO Instrument which is a Korean company. We have global branches around the world and the factory we produce our efoil is in our Chinese branch. Hope this can help and if you have any doubt, we sincerely invite you to experience our efoil at one of our recent exhibitions or demo displays.