Audi impeller upgrade

The new Audi Competition eFoil came with an impeller upgrade which promises up to 20% more performance. It has 4 larger blades instead of the 5 traditional blades. Have a look:

Audi impeller kits are available at:

Looking at this, it’s interesting how much more advanced the Fliteboard jet is. Not trying to put down the Audi product, but the Flite Jet looks like it was designed a decade later. It’s much smaller with much tighter tolerances.

I wonder if it’s possible that there is a thread somewhere in the world that has people liking OTHER boards and NO COMMENTS FROM FLITEBOARD FANBOIS SHILLS…
but I think the answer is NO.

Maybe if they had applied “German engineering” more they wouldn’t have needed to redesign it a year or so later.
Hope owners of v1 will get this fix at no cost.

When you post something in a public forum, you encourage & ask for feedback. Whenever I see a company develop mediocre products that I care about, I call them out on it — as should you. This is not even really a “jet” as it barely qualifies as an impeller. It’s better than the Lift version, but not by much.
I have no affiliation to Fliteboard, I just love their products and that’s what I own. When I entered the market, I looked at the Audi board and Lift - I honestly didn’t care which brand I bought from; neither had dealers in my area. But it soon became clear that Fliteboard was far ahead, and that gap has grown since. Had the Audi board been less expensive, sure, I would accept less performance and more outdated tech; but that’s not the case. Audi needs to step up their game if they want to stay relevant in this rapidly evolving space.

@Surge , I have both jets in my shop right next to each other (Flite & Audi). Both are great, but I wouldn’t see any reason to say Flite is advanced. I would earlier claim that the position of the stabilizer of Flite is not right for a jet, because it was designed for a propeller. But in practice they both ride well.

The Audi Competition impeller is designed for the Competition board. It needs more thrust to get such a small board planning. For example with my 93 kg I ride the Fliteboard and Fliteboard Pro in gear 5-6. To get the Flite Ultra starting I need at least gear 15.

This is what the Competition impeller is doing for the Competition board. No need to upgrade any Audi Adventure or Performance board.

I weigh about the same as you and have an Ultra L (and Pro). I certainly don’t need gear 15 to get up! The most I’ve used is 10. If you’re using the Jet then it’s best to use the Cruiser Jet 1500 or Cruiser 1100.
I was able to get up in Gear 6 with a Flyer 800 today.

Funny thing is, this new impeller looks very similar to the jet impeller kit of waydoo… So I believe, it does really improve the low end power/efficiency compared to the old one… The newly designed blades should generate better thrust and therefore it should be possible to ride the board even if you are around 100kg :wink: With the old impeller design this is probably the biggest issue… So glad they adopted the same impeller blade design…
Below check the waydoo jet design, patent pending…

BS - owners of EVERY board think their’s is best. You are not impartial and certainly not unbiased.
Shilling for Fliteboard is not “calling them out on it”, it’s being a shill.

Surge is a Fanbois for Fliteboard.

LOL< Surge ASSURES You that the FLiteboard is BETTER in every way possible.

You’re damn right!
Know why it’s unbiased? Because I could have bought ANY board. I have zero affiliation to any company.

You BOUGHT a Fliteboard, ergo, you DO have an affiliation with Fliteboard, despite your protestations… and after reading some of your posts you are FAR from unbiased. LOL

I bought it because I thought it was the best. I CHOSE to have an affiliation. Lift is totally overpriced for what you get. That’s what I believe and I’m going to call them out on it whenever I can.
Seems like I hit a nerve. You can always switch.

I wonder if you even ever rode another efoil!?

In the end it’s all about the experience on the water and how good that makes you feel!

You keep calling a lot of BS about other brands and not helping the sport as a whole. People all over the world are organising gatherings, races, meetings and just trying to create a community.

You’re just ruining the fun for others with your useless biased comments. Just let the experts reply and keep your fanboy comments to yourself!

All, please keep peace and check your tone. We are all eFoilers.

BTW, this is an Audi impeller threat… For “Lift Foils or Fliteboard” please go to:

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