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Blue Drive remote pairing

If you wonder why it is not working …

Pair the remote control :wink:

oh man… you made a case study of the silly customer… what an idiot this guy is… whoever he is, he cant even read the manual properly ;))))) that was so silly i was embarrassed.

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that was a joke btw… it was me there. i did not even mean to publish this, but it somehow leaked into Internets…


No, it was a good question and I am sure it will help others as well.

And if you would have not outed yourself not many would have recognised it is you :wink:

I have another one. I am preparing a review.

could you find out if Aquamarine battery is allowed on the planes? The size of the battery is very small inside the white box.

I bought from chinese aliexpress middle man, i am not sure if they know the answer. I asked them too.

thank you

I moved the battery / airplane topic to here and have an answer.

So we finally tested blue drive today with Melissa, big thanks for Wayne for the help with the battery and the broken switch fixing.

We will prepare the video in a few weeks.


  1. It’s very cheap comparing to similar propulsion systems
  2. It does deliver 5km/h and the battery seems lasts forever despite so small size.


  1. The system is very cheaply made, especially sucks the battery pack. Not only it looks ugly but also the waterproof box itself is very how to say it nicely, not very good. Meaning that rubber seal is very poor so if you wipe out and drop it to the water, most likely some of the liquid may enter inside and ruin it. There is also no sealing around the switches that come out of it.

I highly recommend using the system only on the calm lakes and rivers where you are 100% sure you are not going to drop it inside the water, as it is just protecting it from the spray but will fail if you go underwater with it.

  1. Like Andreas said charger gets hot and takes too long to charge. not a big deal though for me. It’s not like we would use it daily.

  2. Remote control is pathetic. It’s not waterproof, it’s huge in the bag and the black tightening is very poor.

  3. The signal distance is like 1 meter. you have literary bend back closer to the battery pack to be able to actually turn it off or change speed. It kind of defeats the purpose of “remote control”.

In general it’s good for lazy lake cruising with your family and small kids! Honesly i am not a paddle board kind of guy, but had good fun with my daughter on this because i did not neeed to paddle!

Here is my new wetsuit btw: