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Boot 2019 in Dusseldorf / exhibitors & visitors

Hi there,

boot 2019 will start on January 19th to January 27th 2019 in Dusseldorf Germany.

We will be there for a couple of days and following jetboard / hydrofoil will have a booth:

  1. Liftfoils from Puerto Rico in hall 4 booth C15

  2. Fliteboard from Australia in hall 4 booth F25

  3. Lampuga from Germany in hall 4 booth A61

  4. CURF from Germany in hall 4 booth D03

  5. Mertek from China in hall 13 booth D66

  6. Jetsurf from Czech Republic in hall 4 A56

  7. Awake from Sweden in hall 4 A26

  8. OLO Boards from Germany in hall 4 F31

  9. Jetwake from Korea in hall 4 A 39.2

A few others will visit the show without a booth, such like Markus from Waterwolf, Mira from Cabratec and potentially Alex from ESURF.

Which days will you be at the show?


Please post the detailed report for all of us, very interesting. i think we are not going this year.

I will be in Dusseldorf from Thursday Jan 24th to Saturday Jan 26th.

See you

Ill be there on 20th, any surfboard group meetings planned?

Hello Everybody! I will be there one day at Jan 22. I will be very happy to talk with you about industry and cooperation. I represent the Russian market and the website: www.motosurfing.com

We will visit during 22nd,23rd and 24th. We do not have a stand but open to meetings, industry discussions, etc…

hall 4 is the hall to go:

OLO Boards is there too… never heard of before.

Nice catch. We will have more infos soon: OLO One surfboard

I will only arrive Thursday at boot, but received 2 pictures from yesterday. Enjoy:

If you are already at the show, please share some pictures here …

How is jetsurf electric?

More pictures from boot 2019:


OLO One:




Now with Jetwake and OLO added:

More pictures from yesterday. Jetwake and Liftfoils.

Thank you Andreas, great coverage of the event! Can you post some stats on olo board?