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EasyGoat Electric Hydrofoil

3,990 EUR plus VAT is aggressive.

The specs look not bad for a 80 kg rider. Is this possible for this price?

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The price is good comparing to other foils that are about to come… Will the check republic guys surprise the industry again?

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I just posed on in our safety category. No prop guard with a BS explanation why they think it’s safe. Unfortunately they don’t take safety serious enough. We need all commercial efoils to be as safe as possible else we will be shut down fast. I hope they reconsider their design before they sell.

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Please explain more. I see Waterwolf uses similar propeller and it was not an issue there. why should it be an issue in case of hydrofoil?

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But in general I agree the open prop looks scary, especially if you are sitting on the board and resting with legs down or going into the water and by mistake press and start the engine. When getting with the foil into the water I often hit my legs with the mast so i cant imagine hitting it with the open prop.

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Their claim that: “when falling from hydrofoil board, you will never fall on its bottom” is just not true. Ask around in the sup/surf/kite foiling community. Low speed, stalling, prop airing, tight turns, waves, … can all cause you to buckle and land right on the mast and wings. There is a lot of DIY testing with open props while we figure out how to build efficient and safe ducts or jet drives. I do too. But it’s scary and I would not let my friends ride this or even think about selling it.

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Why dont they want to cover it with protection if it already generates much more speed that’s needed for foling?

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Hi guys

The price of 3,990 seems incredibly cheap. My German friend and business partner is also building a foil and he said its about a 5,000 cost to build. Sure he’s not mass producing them and its only a one off but it seems like a decent electric foil board does cost a bit of money.

I love new boards and products so I would lie if I said this didn’t excite me. I really like to see things that are affordable and more available to the average person and not just for the rich playboys. The video and the photos look great but we all know how much that is worth.

I really hope that they can pull it off and that this board turns out to be good value for money and something that the masses can enjoy. Im a huge fan of the electric foils but they are pretty pricey and it would be great to see something cheap and cheerful come onto the market for those that don’t want to have to remortgage the house to buy a board.

Having said that you also get what you pay for. I hope its a huge success and just the fact that they appear to be able and willing to put a board out at this price most certainly sounds and looks very promising. Lets give them the benefit of the doubt and support them. Who’s buying the first one though. I already sold my house and spent the money buying and testing new boards and unfortunately most were not worth the money I spent so Im slightly more hesitant with new products now.


This looks indeed scary. May be it is still a prototype and the protection will be still added? I hope so. Such protection however may slow down the board and we end up again with 60 kg riders?

Hey @Jetsurfingnation, the difference between the EasyGoat and Waterwolf as well as other Hydrofoils is that the protection ring is missing. See pictures below.

Will they add the ring when the sales start?

We take safety in CabraTec very serious!

    1. While riding EasyGoat you are also triggering cut-off switch on your remote… by thumb. No matter your natural reaction is release or push. Once you know you are falling, you will RELEASE-that is fine or PUSH-cut off switch-that is also fine.
      This is why our remote is not right/left handed (03/2018) You have to choose.
    1. Pacificmeister I admire a job you did for the E-foil community, but the safety standards you set-up with some others, I personally do not like.
      You encourage people to build and ride E-foils based on kitefoil wings!
      E-foil total weight is about 20 % more while missing kite lift. It is like learning kite-foil on race wing.
      On such boards helmet is “recommended” ? Is a must !
      We have good prototype based on Alpinefoil. More speed, less riding time, more difficult to start, way less safe. I use helmet on that one and I would not give it to try to smb. who is already not foiling.

When considering safety issues, we should stay clear whether comparing kitefoil/surffoil with DIY Efoil or EasyGoat. I feel sorry for the statement “when falling from hydrofoil board, you will never fall on its bottom”
It was based on my and 2 other riders experience with particular product and as general rule is simply wrong.

No matter your kite level is, you can not turn off 100% power by tiny thumb shift. With EasyGoat you can.
Prop-airing you mentioned is no way reason to fall on our board (as well as going trough 5mm ice)

    1. Do not expect any foil to be perfectly safe. You are flying over water on sharp blades reaching speeds you are not capable to run.
    1. Finally …We are developing the duct. Mostly because some other versions (rental, freestyle/race) are expected next year.

Stay safe and have fun


Glad to hear that you are adding a duckt. Be safe and good luck with the launch.

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From their website:

April, may, june batch sold, thank you for your enormous interest in EasyGoat.

We do our best, but estimate delivery time now is 4 month. Thanks for your patience.

I guess this goes beyond the European summer :cry:

Any news on your duct?

Is anyone able to tell what type of charging connector does the EasyGot battery have? At the Aliexpress, the same 6S charger can be purchased for a third of the price. It just wants to know what connector.

We have tested it last week and will prepare a video soon.

HI, CarverRider,
They are XT90 one of the most common, we can give you for free. When buying your charger separately, consider please 2 aspects.
-Power output, we have around 1kw-(80minutes charging)
-And power supply. Most powerful chargers are 12-30V (which is really cool when charging from solars in camper or boat), but at home you need 220V power supply which we also provide with the charger and this is the reason why it may look overpriced. If you want real budget solution, you will find chargers for about 40 EUR, with charging time about 20 hours.
Regards Mira-CabraTec

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The video of the tests is coming 6 July, stay tuned!

Finally it’s ready

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Nice video. The battery inside the surf looks like a prototype. It would want to bring it to a more compact version.