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Experience as a Lift Affiliate?

I’m considering applying to become a Lift Affiliate where I live, but I’d like to hear from any Lift Affiliates here about your experiences as an Affiliate. Are you getting a lot of demo requests? What’s the minimum cost to become an Affiliate (two e-foils + batteries)? Have you made enough money doing demos as an Affiliate to cover your initial costs? Is there anything else I should know?

Hi @chrisped,

I think this really depends on your location. If you are in a water-sports area with lots of people around the eFoils will get attention and people want to try it themselves. In addition Lift brought out the LINK app where people find you: Lift Foils LINK Rental App

You have to buy 2 boards plus 2 spare batteries to join the program.


I think it depends on how serious of a business you want this to make & your location.
If you just want to cover your costs - well there might be easier ways to make money.
If you like interacting with people and show them the magic of efoiling, this could be a very fun project and a good excuse to spend heaps of time on the water…
I run hydrofil out of Berlin, Germany. If you want to talk more, my contact data will be easy to find on the website.

I just tried the Lift Foils rental app:

I think it is a great idea.