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Hisun electric hydrofoil

Another electric foil from China. Please note Hisun is not Hison (known for their cheap jetboards).

This is their 2nd generation of an E-Foil.

More info at: http://epoch-power.net/index.php?c=product&id=346

wow looks terrible… they really need to invest in design.

p.s. it’s hard to see from such a small foto but seems like even the batery is not waterproof! Avoid by all costs!

I would add - it’s very different to make 1 unit that “works” and moves for a quick 30 sec test run and other thing making a safe mass production for customers. Many of these never pass first stage. This looks like a raw prototype not a production unit

Hi Sir

Actually we have updated our Efoil surfboard and it is better performance and design, we also sell many to our foreign customers :slight_smile: any problems, please let me know.

Echo from Hisun

Hi @EchoHe91

Please send updated pictures and technical specifications …

Dear Sir
yes, of course, here are products picture tooked in factory,

also here are specifications

Average speed: 25-30 km/hour

Top speed : 40-45 km/hour

Battery charge time : 8 hours

Battery lifetime : 60 minutes

  1. Powerful lithium battery ( 42 Ah ) : rechargeable,

with double anti-explosion systems

6.High efficiency BLDC electric motor: 1800W

Rotation rate : 5000 rmp

Flying Foil : Full carbon ( patent on design )

Wireless waterproof controller: R/F type, remote

Safety control system: magnetic blow-out switch

Board size: 210 x 70 cm

Package size: 227 x 83 x 23 cm

12: Weight : 28kg/unit around

Any interests , please let me know, my email is :[email protected]


How the battery and charger look?

Any videos of riding?

Please check the video, thanks

Looks good i guess. The question is always how reliable it is, who provides service, repairs etc.

Do you have pictures from the battery and charger, @EchoHe91?

we will offer after-sale service and if any damage, will deliver spare parts to your for repair, but right now, our Efoil surfboard is very stable, not so many problems for you to worry.

could you offer your mailbox so I can send these pictures to you, thanks

Hi @EchoHe91, please just drag and drop them here into the forum.

here attached

Can you show more videos of people riding it on youtube?

The battery looks like a bad quality and not waterproof. What will happen to it if salty water comes inside?

I saw you followed my youtube account and I will upload riding videos constantly

And I must say you can’t just look at the battery and say it is bad quality, we do double waterproof system, first is waterproof box, second is All the wires and batteries in the waterproof box are also waterproof. basically in the first waterproof box, the water won’t come inside.

we sell Efoil surboard for 2 years, using this battery, and no quality problem

also please check this video, even the battery is full of water, not influence the surfboard operate.

I assume you test in regular water. What about real conditions, salty water? Explosion will happen?

Yes, regular water, but why use salty water ? I Think any batteries in the world can’t bear salty water. and because of our double waterproof system, the salty water also won’t come inside the battery, even if come inside, you can just get out of the battery and dry it using towel , explosion won’t happen.

Which brand is battery, which cells?

what about the foil, dimesnion of mast and wing area in cm2?

The motos power seems to be low - 1800W?

Charging time is horrible long, charger has 8A with 43AH battery. Is ther no more powerful charger availabe? Standard should be less than 3 hours.