SAVA Brand Jetboard - Is it Legit?

Hi All, so SAVA, a well-known Chinese bike manufacturer now has a 110 cc motorized surfboard. Yes it has a low price at $4k. Yes they sell it on Aliexpress. But their high performance knock off road bikes have some good reviews. IS THERE ANY CHANCE THAT THIS IS A LEGITIMATE JETBOARD?? Any at all? I really like the look of it, and there’s no chance I’m paying 14K for a Jetsurf brand board. Thx for any guidance!

Here is the link: SAVA Powered Surfboard – SAVA Carbon Bike

I replied that you get what you pay for. Instead of buying low quality chinese ripoffs with no post sale support why not just buy original brand instead, support legit companies and get quality service when and if the board breaks down. If money is the issue get a second hand jetsurf instead for 6-7k.
You can’t make a reliable petrol board for 4k, it will break after few times in the salty water. If they are a bike manufacturer and have no experience doing any water related product it is a complete junk

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I rode a Jetsurf Board last Saturday. Paid $150 to do so. It went about 20 ft and died! The Ambassador told me it was a demo that had “a couple hundred hours” on it and that he needed to replace the ECU. :joy: You want to talk about “complete Junk”?! That’s what $14k gets you? A couple hundred hrs? And for the record, it’s not at all about the money, it’s about VALUE. $14K is what a new dirt bike costs. Something w a clutch, a transmission, a sophisticated suspension, and a 450% larger engine! Frankly, I’d personally feel like a jackass paying that for something w such basic components as a Jetboard, and I will never own a Jetsurf new, used, or otherwise. They weren’t even decent enough to give me a leash for the thing! Now this SAVA board MAY be complete junk. That’s what we’re trying to find out. But respectfully Bro, I’m looking for someone who actually has 1st hand knowledge of the product. An idiom like “you get what you pay for” isn’t at all helpful is it?

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Haha Jetsurf is great all the parts you get in Europe.
Vhat vill you do vith crapy Chinese maybe vill work some time but cant compare vith Jetsurf.
Me have bought it 2 years ago and not much troubles that Freewhell not put oil so it broke 200 euro.
Much better used Jetsurf that Chinese crap you can rebuild engine for some 1500 euro all new.
Jetsurf probably only that vork me bought that Carver X from Onean crap 3 times defect already
now left it at factory.

Ryan_Currin you already made your mind and convinced yourself so much so there is really no point discussing or asking the community… You can learn on your own mistakes, order Aliexpress here and see what happens. But don’t tell us we did not warn you. Jetsurf is very reliable and even if it breaks after couple of hundred hours (which means 2 years of riding for you), you can easily get new ICU in Europe and change it yourself in 15 minutes. Cheers!

Also again used jetsurf from 2018 is around 6-7k and not 14k, it’s a great value for the board that you can fix yourself without need to ship it back to china and wait for months and months getting no response from the aliexpress sellers

Well said. I would not burn my money on Aliexpres.

Here are couple of videos I made explaining why buying a jetboard on Alibaba or Aliexpress is a scam

hope it will save you some money

The link above is to the manufacturer website. SAVA bikes. Yes some ppl sell this product on the site u guys are talking about, but u can also chat w the manufacturer and order from his site. This isn’t really about alibaba

This forum isn’t about the free exchange of ideas/information. It’s just a rolling advertisement for the Jetsurf brand that you’re trying to push down my throat. That’s the number one worst thing you could recommend to me. I will never consider your brand of board again. I’m I mistaken or did you badmouth the DLE brand too? Then, wasn’t that you all up in Jetboard Limited’s video testing the product when they said it was a magnificent board that he would be happy to carry and couldn’t even come up with an idea to improve it? I’m not sure, but if I’m right, that’s sickeningly hypocritical of you

You asked for advice but come off as a jerk, you are not here to listen to any advice. Good luck with your Sava boards. If you are the sales agent you could approach community in a friendly manner instead of pretending to be an angry customer.

Now that I checked your profile, you joined 1 day ago just to push sava board pretending to be a potential customer but once we warned you, you became defensive. It means you probably work for them? As for me, everyone knows I am not affiliated with any brand. Jetsurf is number 1 petrol board on the market and it’s a fact.

Other petrol boards on the market:

Mako is pretty good as well if you look for a legit board.

Motojet V2 with 2 cylinders is very impressive as well

Dle i heard they break a lot, so I would not recommend.

And the rest is just chinese crap to avoid. (in petrol boards). As for SAVA - it’s a joke. Just by putting a sticker on generic chinese board does not make it orginial product. It looks like DLE board wth a sticker to me.

Now that I looked at your sales video of SAVA it clearly says DLE lol…

What a joke mate

To summarize a bike manufacturer with zero experience in watersports put few stickers on DLE board, made a quick website and trying to rip people off by offering it at unrealistically low price, stay away.

The SAVA board is a DLE? THX. That’s the first helpful thing you’ve ever published in your life! Now I know the SAVA board is a great quality board. Because I trust the test that I saw Jetboard limited do on them. You are just a little too desperate to make yourself relevant friend. It’s easy to see right through your agenda. Are you really pretending the DLE is not a great board?! That’s speaks volumes for your character - you have none!

I’m just bored and tired of scammers lol.

We did a full video about DLE board few years ago DLE Jetboard Review - cheapest motorized surfboard - YouTube
it was pretty positive, at the time of the test nothing bad was said about it, it was a basic copy of old jetsurf.
Unfortunately later a lot of reports were posted that the board is not that great and breaks a lot, see the comments…

If you go to DLE JetSurf | DLE you can see that the website and models have not been updated in 4 years, so they are probably don’t care anymore and going out of business? Who knows but I would not recommend it. Last news says 2018

You have me SO excited now! I asked the manufacturer if it was a rebranded DLE. I am praying he admits it is. That would mean I could get parts out of Idaho and would save $5500 on the purchase! OMG that would be SO awesome! I’m skeptical though, because the SAVA weighs 26kg vs DLE 18 and the SAVA has a 3.5 liter tank vs the DLE 3.0. It’s probably not the same, but if the parts are compatible, you just sold them a board! So thanks again. I am eagerly awaiting SAVA’s response. And no I’m not a SAVA rep. I joined this forum to try and get some piece of mind about purchasing this board. If I get it, and if it is as high quality as I’ve heard the $9000 DLE board is, I will at least TRY to become a distributor for sure. The margins in this product are right up there w alcohol and soda. Anyway, thx again for your keen eye, and sorry if I got frustrated by your shameless attempts to make yourself relevant. At the end of the day, it seems the exact OPPOSITE of everything you’ve ever said is true though. So, food for thought…

Nice try. I love the trolls. Keep on going!

Another red flag is fake address, take a look here Contact us – SAVA Carbon Bike

Same address is listed on many other scam sites

Company Address:37 rue des Mathurins, Paris, France is committed to providing people with high-quality,fashionable and cheap lamps.We offer high quality lamps,and other items.NOVA SILK ROAD SARL’s team of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends,and offer them to our customers rapidly.

I can go on forever … it keeps me entertained revealing the scammers.

Now lets go to this promo video

at 0;04 what do we see here? Yes completely differeing ELECTRIC chinese secutronic board with a battery

Now see here, no snorkel air intake, it’s electric and completely different board

So sava maybe does not even exist. They could not film their own product.

Case closed.

So are you telling me these people would just take a payment and not ship any product at all? Now I’m sad.

Although it is reasonable to assume that if someone is selling discount products, the most obvious place to cut expenses is on promotional materials. So they didn’t film their own videos. That’s kind of what you would expect. It’s not great, but I don’t think it PROVES anything.

Finally you are getting it. This product is a pure scam and it does not even exist. They made few good looking fotoshop images but those you can get for 299 on or Fiverr.

They could not make a single FOTO (not even talking of video) of their own product.

Even the manual has fotos of some sort of old jetsurf Race or some sort of rippoff crap board with jetsurf design wrap over it (most likely because the handle controller does not match real jetsurf)

Foto from their manual SAVA fueled-power surfboard manual – SAVA Carbon Bike

The bottom line it’s a pure scam. I don’t have more time to deal with this. Good luck

Sava is not a re-branded DLE board.
It is their own product, and it is a piece of junk, I know because I have one sitting in the garage.
So if you’re looking for a DLE board,
do not purchase a Salva.
I know this because I am the guy in Idaho, who is the US distributor, for DLE, kind of getting tired of watching uneducated people who obviously did not perform any research badmouth the unit as well.

Boxing it up, to send back to China,
But I have not got a return shipping quote for less than $2600 yet. :exploding_head:
The reason I purchased it, was🤔,
The company has a fairly good reputation,
but they have no business building JetBoards, because they do not know what the heck they are doing.
And then they have the nerve to argue with you, when you can clearly show them the issues that are incorrect.

:thinking:, for anybody who has not noticed,
2022 DLE surf is actually their third generation unit.
The board used for the big review,
was a first generation board,
and people thought it was great.
On the second generation they changed the hull,
I would guess some internals as well,
but I cannot state that for a fact.
But I can tell you the third generation has fully upgraded internals and engine compartment,
They have an oil bath gear box with a site glass. All the connections are aluminum screw together O-ring fittings, the fit and finish is absolutely superb.
I personally have a Second and third generation board.
Just Google search the name for all the info you want about the board DLEsurf.