SAVA Brand Jetboard - Is it Legit?

Thank you for sharing. Do you have any closer fotos of this junk Sava board that you got and problems?
What were exact issues with it?

P.S. Why DLE does not update their website since 2018 ? I thought they are out of business. Good to hear they have 3rd generation

As for DLE, I am not sure why they have not updated their website, I will be launching a new site within a month.
Currently my product can be found at,

I’ll give you a basic rundown first, then I will try some pictures, I noticed as a new member it only allows me a limited mobility for the time being,
So the unit actually arrived, wet inside, with water everything covered in sweat,
Couldn’t believe it, then when I went to lift it out of the box, I noticed how heavy it is, 28 kg dry weight , it is carbon fiber, but it is assembled more like fiberglass, very thick and heavy.
Anyhow mix up some fuel, won’t start won’t start, get to looking, The pulse line for the carburetor, has already deteriorated and is rotting and cracking.
Fix that,
Still won’t start, next for the spark plug, it is completely doused in water and oil, dry that out,
Get it started in the garage, take it to the water, try running in the water, first thing I noticed, is a cavitation, pull the board and Check pump cone, and sure enough no silicone sealing the pump jet cone, repair That, noticed that in the brief moments in the water, part of the inner throttle linkage had broke,
Put the board back in the water, test again, still generates hardly any trust, barely break plane, no more cavitation,
Running board in water, noticed muffler is extremely hot. The water splashing inside of the board, is steaming off the muffler,
Then once you turn the board off or it dies, it will not restart, because it is losing spark due to the moisture inside.
The exhaust temp is so high, it melts the rear one-way valve within five minutes of water testing inside of the water.

There are more issues beyond that,
Not to mention everything about the board just kind of screams cheap.

:exploding_head: get this, the company said it was not running too hot, they simply needed to redesign a one way valve out of steel.
I am an experienced mechanic,
I find it hard to believe your average consumer would ever get this unit running.
I will say this,
the company has offered anything I wanted, from sending complete new engines to anything else, to try to make the board work for me,
I told them I’ve given them enough free info on their board, and it’s not my place to help them get it developed.
Plus i just don’t wanna piece of junk so I am refusing.

Thank you for sharing, it’s a great lesson for scammers like Ryan_Currin who promote this junk.

Thanks for the help. I was actually searching for website online and while searching for it online, I found your post.