SAVA Brand Jetboard - Is it Legit?

Thank you for sharing. Do you have any closer fotos of this junk Sava board that you got and problems?
What were exact issues with it?

P.S. Why DLE does not update their website since 2018 ? I thought they are out of business. Good to hear they have 3rd generation

As for DLE, I am not sure why they have not updated their website, I will be launching a new site within a month.
Currently my product can be found at,

I’ll give you a basic rundown first, then I will try some pictures, I noticed as a new member it only allows me a limited mobility for the time being,
So the unit actually arrived, wet inside, with water everything covered in sweat,
Couldn’t believe it, then when I went to lift it out of the box, I noticed how heavy it is, 28 kg dry weight , it is carbon fiber, but it is assembled more like fiberglass, very thick and heavy.
Anyhow mix up some fuel, won’t start won’t start, get to looking, The pulse line for the carburetor, has already deteriorated and is rotting and cracking.
Fix that,
Still won’t start, next for the spark plug, it is completely doused in water and oil, dry that out,
Get it started in the garage, take it to the water, try running in the water, first thing I noticed, is a cavitation, pull the board and Check pump cone, and sure enough no silicone sealing the pump jet cone, repair That, noticed that in the brief moments in the water, part of the inner throttle linkage had broke,
Put the board back in the water, test again, still generates hardly any trust, barely break plane, no more cavitation,
Running board in water, noticed muffler is extremely hot. The water splashing inside of the board, is steaming off the muffler,
Then once you turn the board off or it dies, it will not restart, because it is losing spark due to the moisture inside.
The exhaust temp is so high, it melts the rear one-way valve within five minutes of water testing inside of the water.

There are more issues beyond that,
Not to mention everything about the board just kind of screams cheap.

:exploding_head: get this, the company said it was not running too hot, they simply needed to redesign a one way valve out of steel.
I am an experienced mechanic,
I find it hard to believe your average consumer would ever get this unit running.
I will say this,
the company has offered anything I wanted, from sending complete new engines to anything else, to try to make the board work for me,
I told them I’ve given them enough free info on their board, and it’s not my place to help them get it developed.
Plus i just don’t wanna piece of junk so I am refusing.

Thank you for sharing, it’s a great lesson for scammers like Ryan_Currin who promote this junk.

Thanks for the help. I was actually searching for website online and while searching for it online, I found your post.

looks like a lot of people get attracted by the brand of sava product , i ve saw they selling on amazon for a while

I bought a SAVA surfboard on this site in July, the seller told me that my country can only ship by sea and it will take a while to receive it, when I saw these posts about SAVA surfboards I panicked, yes Yes, after all, it cost me 4,000 dollars. Fortunately, I received the surfboard after a month of drifting at sea. After opening the package, everything was in good condition. The seller sent me a checklist and installation video before use. After a little episode, the seller said that the maximum speed can reach 50km/h, but when I tested it, it was only 45km/h. The customer service said that the weight should not exceed 100kg (220lbs). Sorry, I may need to lose weight. Later, I will be guided by the seller to debug the oil pipe. Now The speed is back to normal, and the surfboard has not had any problems for now, I hope the money I spent is worth it

I have a DLE. I have a lot of trouble standing up. Not as quick or agile when younger. If you have tips I would be grateful.
I have just got the board ready for summer season…6 months since last use. It wants to totally ignore the throttle and just go flat strap. I have taken the cab to pieces, cleaned it carefully etc, no holes in diaphragm, but can’t locate the problem…any tips?
Is extremely common in surf forums to pimp producers and of course rubbish every other model, especially if its new or cheaper. No one will ever admit they bought the wrong item. Actually I am impressed with the DLE quality, but I haven’t seen or ridden anything else.
I based in Australia.

Hello Barry,
Not sure what tips I can give you for getting up,
Whether it be deep water start or shallow water start,
it all seems to take about the same amount of effort and skill.
You may practice dock starting,
it is virtually effortless if you have any type of dock start off of.
I will send you a sample video later this morning.
And as for your choice for a DLEsurf,
It’s a great choice, in my opinion it’s one of the top three boards, with Jetsurf and Mako.
I could use a little more information on your carburetor, maybe a picture or video as to the performance. I sent you a side message to your Email, if you do not receive it respond to me back here.
I am more than happy to help you get anything
You need.
Did you know DLE now has a Australian based distributor.
I do have a couple ideas on the carburetor, I will also send you a couple pictures or videos of that to see if it may be the problem.

As for tips getting up - get a jetsurf tube, it will probably fit DLE:


Hello everybody,
Rodney Fernandes here from
Jetboards America,
I just recently completed a in-depth up-to-date review on the SAVA jetboard.
I ended up not returning the product due to return shipping costs being so high,
So I took it off the shelf after seven months, and reached out to the company,
And this time they apparently had upgrades for all the topics we had discussed before.
If you want to see more, you can find the review on YouTube, Jetboards America.
Although I still would like to do one final water test, the review is fairly complete.

It is fake[quote=“E-Surfer, post:1, topic:253, full:true”]
Questions and answers around petrol powered surfboards …

It is fake

SAVA stole my pictures, and they PS synthesized my pictures. I am the user wearing the helmet in the picture. I have not tested their products. I also have great doubts about their products. Careful friends should find that the engine position in the product is wrong. I think this is a low-level mistake, and I also believe that more of their promotional photos are PS synthesized.
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hey just figure out if is any new here, they’re still in business so it’s a good sign.

But nobody make any test or review about this brand. I read a lot it’s chinese shit, but abviously it’s that bad? I mean anyone have is house full of chinese product…

Did anyone get the chance to try a recent version? Anyone had one for a while can give us real experience?

I know it’s a bike brand with no engine experience but they need a starting point at one moment… I mean we say the same about DLE before and now they’re pretty serious in this business.

So if anyone have a real experience could be nice, the price is still quit impressive and they’re selling all the component, and for me it’s quit sign of serious.
The complete engine is 850$ so quit affordable there too.

The other alibaba/chinese cheap board never propose the components.

it’s unbelievable that even after pointing out all the red flags some people still interested to buy this crap. I guess everyone learns on their own mistakes.

You deleted your post but I have read it as it came in notification. You are wasting your time trying to defend a scam. Just get a legit brand and if money is the issue get a used board, like Jetsurf from last season or used fliteboard, you will not be disappointed. Cheers!

Sorry for the edit, I didn’t delete I just want to be more clear.

Red flag… if you mean your post saying this brand is not legit or even didn’t exist… have you some research about SAVA?
They’re in the market since way more time than the majority of the well known jetboard actor. They exist since 2004, chines of course but with history in bike industry, not surfing to your point, but the fact that is not a random created brand.

And this is not a scam reusing SAVA name to try to make the scam legit, SAVA selling this board on their own bike website, first page.

They’re known for low price carbon bike, reusing Chinese frame. They use the same strategy with this surf, using a Chinese hull to reduce the cost and keep the board cheap. Not really good but not bad, depend on what’s your expectation.

If you go further investigation you’ll see in the “professional” biking world (where people buy 10K bike) nobody like them and it’s crap.
In the normal customer world on amazon I didn’t see any product under 4.5 star feedback. And people look quit happy with they’re chinese bike. But surprisingly SAVA didn’t sell the board on amazon on the SAVA store.

So it’s a piece of shit? Maybe I don’t know to be honest, but you can’t say it’s a scam. That’s not true.

2 person here order the board and receive them.
Yes both get issue, so I’ll not say it’s the most reliable board and it’s better to know a bit of mechanic before buying one of these, it’s not a buy and play like a Jetsuf.
But from the 2 real feedback I see here, both get help from the customer service, one get the issue fix without too much work and the second refuse to fix it. (maybe because he’s a DLE US distributor so he can play with other toys)

So sure you can say you get what you paying for, and yes you should be prepare to fix some trouble yourself.
But man it’s half the price of the DLE, an other Chinese brand and 3 time less expansive than the first price Jetsurf.
So of course you can’t expect to have the same reliability or performance but 8K is a lot of moneys saved.
Most of us are not professional rider or competitor, we just want to have fun on water when we have free time.

And because E-surfer is the major testing team in the Jetboard world, they should consider testing also the cheaper actor, and a objective test if it’s not too much to ask.

Especially one like this, with a well known company behind it.
It will be great for people who don’t have 13K to spend on a board to know if the cheaper option are real crap or are not too bad for the money.

You’ll probably think I’ll buy it but no, I think I find my board and I will go for a Torque I’m just waiting for the final price with shipping and taxes to make the final decision.

About the Jetsurf used one… at one point I was thinking about it. But it’s a 2 stroke engine, and Jetsurf don’t have a time counter. They even didn’t take the engine compression.

I know quit well mecanic , and breaking is critical on 2 stroke engine, same for the time, you can’t expect a 2 stroke to be reliable as a 4 stroke. Especially on jet that run 90% of the time High rev.

The recent Jetsurf used are still 10K, the cheaper Jetsurf option is 6K, for a 7years old board, without any idea how the board get used or the time of use.

So personally I didn’t take the risk.

But I didn’t say a used Jetsurf is not a good option, but like every used stuff it’s a game, the board can be great or a total crap with an engine close to die. Depend of how the previous owner take care of it.

Like I say, I’ll never expect the SAVA to be as good as the Jetsurf, even a 2016 model. But for a personal use I have a new board with 1year warranty and sound like a real customer service. ( based on this post

I didn’t say it’s better because I have no idea how good is the Jetsurf or the SAVA (again maybe a TEST ride will be great :innocent:)
But as an exterior actor it’s what I see, I’m still saving 2k compare to the cheaper used Jetsurf… enough to buy some parts if needed. When the board is out of warranty (same 1year for both) , every parts are way cheaper, a crankshaft is 100$ on the SAVA compare to 790$ for the Jetsurf (again expect the SAVA to be changed more often I guess).

So personally a used jetsurf or a new SAVA… same risk for me, but I didn’t have to pay the part if I have issue with the SAVA (for the first year) … I expect to work more on the board but with cheaper parts and the resale value will be way better on the Jetsurf. So hard to say.

Anyway, like I said I’ve already choose my board, electric to be more clean for lake usage. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the test about the Torque BTW. Could be nice to make a new test of the V3, sound like they made lot’s of evolution since 2018. :wink:

You can’t be serious comparing a junk like this to a well established brand like jetsurf. I can’t even comment more seriously on this. After trying all the boards on the market I can tell one thing - go with established brands. Fliteboard, Jetsurf, Awake etc… And stay away from the junk, save yourself time and money.