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Surftek powered surfboards

Anyone tried the Surftek surfboards?

It looks lime they have both petrol powered and electric surfboards.



Material: Carbon Fiber

Size: 1880610170mm

Total Weight: 29.5kgs / 63 Lbs

High Capacity Battery: 72V/40A

Battery Weight: 14 kgs / 30 Lbs

Max Speed: 80kgs/ 60 Km/Hr / 37 Miles

Duration at Max Speed: 60 mins

Average Duration: 60 to 90 mins

Max Bearing Weight: 110kgs / 243 Lbs

Battery Material: Ternary Lithium

Battery Replacement: Quick Release

Battery Life Span: 1000 Charges

Charging duration: 60 mins


72 V / 40 A - you will die …

please avoid… …

In Germany any battery above 50 V is not allowed for use in water. I guess it is for good reasons …


Hey Bertie, We bought two of the gas powered boards from Surftek and had a blast with them last summer. Jetsurf is the cream of the crop but Surftek is out of Canada, cheaper and has all parts available. I recommend Surftek.