Waydoo quality issues?

Unbelievable. I hope Waydoo has enough resources to deal with it. If they go out of business it would be a sad day for all their clients.

Each time I am opening Facebook I see more pictures. Waydoo propeller:

Damage to an unprotected polystyrene board is not uncommon. The corroded magnet is lamellar, but this can be prevented by coating with epoxy. I’m most scared of the crackling fuselage. I wanted to knock the place with the hole where it cracks (weakened by the screws and the hole for the entry of cooling water) with some reinforcing sleeve, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy, because the hole must not be covered or stopped flowing from the front water.

@kayak31 , what is your point? You are just sending a link to your shop page? What are you doing to have less customer complains in future? Did you fix the issues?

Reskinned waydoo for 13k?

“The Warp9 Xflight prices are around the $13,000 range and that is including an extra lithium battery.”

The comments about the waydoo are removed?

Not a best way to start in the industry by fooling the community.

Just be careful with new players. As mentioned several times, wait for reviews and local resellers. Try it before you buy it.

Not sure if this is Waydoo, but even it is is a white label Waydoo, I am sure the guys would never admit it. This is why they put a different label on it :wink:

In my opinion white label solutions are even worth as you have one layer more in the support chain.

I would almost bet that this year tons of this white label products will hit the market.

If you have the above problem: My board is running without remote connection, you can use the Analysis Tool to create a screenshot and send it to support.

Analysis Tool can be downloaded here and requires Android 5.0 and higher. After installation, the tool is paired via Bluetooth with the board turned on and after displaying the information, create a screenshot. Here is mine (for example):

I only sent mine for precautionary reasons. I also sent a question to verify if my piece is not in a batch with a bad alloy for Fuselage, which cracks even without an impact.

I hope your Chinese language skills are good enough to understand the report :rofl: :joy:

Sorry to be so negative today, but I am worried. Now that Takuma is selling via Decathlon, will Waydoo be on sale at BestBuy?

Looks like Waydoo is trying to resolve these quality issues:

It says however that the runaway board issues are real. That’s really dangerous. Better don’t use this boards until this is fixed. The firmware upgrade once available is only possible with an Android phone so far. Sorry, iPhone users …

In their FB group you can also read that key sales staff has left Waydoo over the last weeks. Not very promising.

The drama continues - Lift is suing Waydoo for patent infringement https://litigationtools.maxval-ip.com/UnifiedPatentViewDocument/home/index?caseid=482444&fbclid=IwAR344pBVYJggkCIbHnTVWIM5fUR1ipeTa9AeuBEQzvzG-4mayZvudkK9uqU

Maybe this is the reason why the parts were seized by US customs. Not good news for any Waydoo user in the US with broken boards.

This is in line with ongoing user frustration in the Waydoo Facebook group:

Someone said very well there. There is no such thing as “Same but cheaper”.

More rusted Waydoo battery magnets …

Neodymium magnets are nickel-plated and if the protective layer breaks, the magnet will immediately corrode. Corrosion is very rapid, especially in salt water. I doubt very much that Waydoo makes magnets, they just buy them. They are standard magnets, like any other. It’s no tragedy because a magnet costs $ 0.5. Rather, it is a matter of soiling the board with rust.

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New Waydoo Flyer firmware version 2.0 is available for download here. Update only available via Android, iOS will be available soon. Both mast as remote need to be updated.

Hopefully this means better times for some of the Waydoo users …

I already ordered that fasteners.

Otherwise, the new firmware is 1.4.3-F2.0-H2.0_release. Apple store and Google Play are already supported (but Google Play is for some countries). It will be possible to record the route using built-in GPS.